Mail Stop Codes can be found in Workday.  Please do not copy and paste into Workday.  You have to re-type the code.  Copy and paste will cause downstream errors.

Mail Stop Code = Campus Box Number-Building Number-Floor Number or Suite Number


  • Addressing Standards
  • Chancellor’s Office
    • Campus Box 1192, North Brookings is building 105, Suite number is 228
    • MSC 1192-105-228
  • Neurology Business Office
    • Campus Box 8111, Mid Campus Center is building 29, Suite number is 9000
    • MSC 8111-29-9000
  • Surgery (HPB)
    • Campus Box 8109, Maternity Building is building 5, located on floor 5
    • MSC 8109-05-05

Useful information to determine your mail stop code:


  • Where does the MSC go in the address block?
  • Will mail still be delivered if I only use my campus box and not the entire mail stop code?
    • Yes, but we strongly encourage you to start getting in the habit of using the entire code.
  • Why is the University switching from campus box numbers to mail stop codes?