Your mail is delivered promptly by staff members to the university’s mail service center closest to you for metering. The Mail Center has two postage meters with the ability to meter any size of mail using any type of mail service

Metering and Billing

We meter mail using presort rates whenever possible for letters and large envelopes up to 13 ounces. All mail is metered the same day it is received and given to St. Louis Pre-sort, who provides sorting and barcode service. Your mail is then delivered the same day to the main post office downtown.

Postage is billed through the FIS system around mid-month and postage detail is sent by campus mail to each office. All mail must be marked with a mail service ticket that provides the departmental account number to be charged and fund number if used. If multiple accounts are required for one area, please discuss these with Laurie Brady. Postage charges include approximately a five-percent service fee on most types of mail.

For mail supplies like Priority Mail envelopes/boxes, USPS forms such as Express Mail, Certified, Return Receipt and WU mail service forms, please visit the USPS Website: USPS Supplies or email

Mail Preparation

  1. Use the barcoded forms with your account and charge information — secure with rubber bands. (Forms are provided – email your request for additional forms to An account number must be provided with each batch of mail to insure the proper account is charged at the time the mail is metered.
  2. Business size (#10) envelopes do not have to be sealed. We prefer the flaps to be “shingled” with flaps up.
  3. If you have a 9″ x 12″ or 10″ x 13″ envelope with the flap on the top (the long edge), we can seal it at the same time we meter as long as it is no more than 1/2″ in thickness. All mail will be sealed if it is not received sealed. Please seal bulky-oversize pieces.
  4. Mail trays and tubs are available for large mailings.
  5. A mail house company picks up all metered mail from Medical Campus Central Services at 4:30 pm each day.

Addressing Guidelines

  1. Type the address in the center of the envelope so that mail can be bar-coded to speed the delivery.
  2. Do not use barcodes on mail from desktop software.
  3. The last two lines of the address should only contain the street address, city, state, and zip code. An attention line or other notations should be provided in the first line. Click here for a short video on addressing.
  4. Do not include any address information within 5/8″ from the bottom of a #10 envelope.
  5. Use two-letter state abbreviation and preferred directional abbreviations.
  6. Window Envelopes – make sure the entire address shows through and that no other text is visible.
  7. Avoid printing on red stock.
  8. Provide a return address and endorsement such as one of the following for address correction notice.
    a) Address Service Requested
    b) Forwarding Service Requested
    c) Return Service Requested
    d) Change Service Requested

Business Reply Mail (BRM)

Business Reply Mail (BRM) Artwork Requests (postage paid for self-addressed WU return mail)
For all new BRM artwork, please send an email to Laurie Brady or Dale Bruning with any questions you might have. 

Click here for the BRM Request Form