Dear Students,

Congratulations on making it through the school year.  We have a few reminders for you all before the end of the year.

Reminders for end of the year considerations regarding your mail and packages:

  • If you are looking to mail your belongings home, you can buy boxes and USPS postage at the Hitzeman Student Mail using cash, check, or Bear Bucks or Village Student Mail using cash, check, or credit/debit card.
  • We will accept outgoing packages with prepaid USPS, FedEx, UPS or DHL shipping labels, but we are unable to sell FedEx, UPS or DHL shipping labels.
  • Please remember to pick up all packages and mail before you leave.
  • Let us know if you are staying on campus this summer so we can keep your mail folder active and not forward your letter mail.  Please send an email to with the dates you will be staying.
  • If have been living on campus and you are living at a different address than your permanent home address over the summer, please fill out a “forwarding” form at
  • If you have been living on campus you will be moving off campus next year, please fill out a “forwarding” form at
  • If you have been living off campus, please fill out a Change of Address form with the USPS at
  • Starting May 15nd, Student Mail Services staff will forward First Class mail to your permanent home address automatically unless notified otherwise. 
  • You will receive an email for any packages delivered to campus during the summer, please let us know if you want them forwarded. If received by Federal Express, UPS, DHL, or other carrier, we will provide USPS Click-N-Ship instructions for you to pay for shipping. 
  • If you are returning in the Fall, please do not begin sending packages until after August 1. 
  • If you are moving off campus or to the Village, please use your new address for the Fall.

If you have any other questions, please contact

Good luck on finals and have a great summer!

Best wishes

Student Mail Services Team

Contact for Lofts Student Mail