Procedure for Ordering Alcohol

  1. Departments needing to order should complete the online form at the bottom of this page.
  2. The receiving personnel will go in AIS and create an Inter Department Invoice (ID).
  3. Receiving clerks create and print the order, then place the order in processed stage.
  4. Departments approve the order in AIS, print a copy and give to their department’s designated person for pick up.
  5. Department personnel bring the printed order to the Central Services dock (no orders are processed without approved copy from requesting department) where the receiving clerk dispenses the ordered amount to department personnel.
  6. Department personnel signs, verifying that they have received the ordered amount.
  7. Receiving clerks open AIS alcohol inventory and enter amount in the proper category. Then, the receiving clerks file the signed copy in the completed alcohol bin.

The monthly inventory of dispensed alcohol is verified and printed for the Facilities Business Office. Then, the Facilities Business office verifies the transactions and bills departments.

Price of Alcohol
5 gallon drum200$89.76
5 gallon drum190$88.61
1 gallon case of 4200$82.28
1 gallon case of 4190$81.13
1 gallon200$20.57
1 gallon190$20.28
Plastic Pint (200) has been discontinued by the vendor and is no longer available for sale.
Prices above effective September 1, 2020.
Alcohol Requisition Form

A copy of your order will be emailed to you upon clicking submit.

Alcohol Order Form
Previously known as Campus Box
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Alcohol Requisition Form (printable)

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